Eicher Saksham is a unique knowledge based initiative focused on empowering young and ambitious employees of EGP distributorships and workshops, who have been a crucial part in the growth of company.

The emergence of Saksham in year 2015 has come out from the previously held training program organized by Eicher, aimed to train EGP sales employees from all over India. The whole program focused on enhancing their technical, selling and soft skills. This platform aims to lead the participants to transformational excellence, enabling them to have a customer-centric approach that leads them towards more benefits.

While Season-I was the stepping stone, in Season-II, Saksham has matured into a competitive contest of high esteem. Spreading its wings, we brought workshop teams also under its purview, apart from EGP distributorships. In year 2018, the third season of Saksham successfully developed a healthy sportsman spirit among participants and provide them a better insight about spare parts at all levels.

Active participation of employees and continuous support of channel partners have made this initiative a great success so far.

Saksham has proudly facilitated a positive change in the attitude and aptitude of EGP teams and developed a strong urge among them for unabated skill and competence enhancement. Adding value to individual performance, Saksham is positively impacting the overall EGP business of channel partners and ultimately leading to differentiated experience to customers. Let us keep the Saksham spirit soaring.