8 teams each from Distributorships & Workshops (2 from each Zone), consisting Winners and Runners-up of Zonal Rounds, will qualify to participate in the National Round (4x2=8 Distributorship teams + 4x2=8 Workshop teams + 8 Wild Card entries).

Therefore total 24 teams will compete in the National Round.

National Round Schedule

The two day National Round will be held in Indore on 15 April 2019. The shortlisted participants then have to go through the following levels of evaluation during these two days.

Day 1

  • Outdoor Activity: Teams have to evaluate a pre-defined criteria through an activity.
  • Psychometric Test: To evaluate the personality of the participants as well as theirĀ  motivation, value and cognitive ability.
  • Quiz: For Quiz, teams will be constituted with one contestant each from workshop & distributorship teams.
  • Followed by Award Ceremony.

The highest scoring teams (based on cumulative marks of all the rounds) will be awarded as the Winner & Runner-up of Eicher Saksham Season IV.

NOTE: All the participants have to report a day before the National Round.

Grand Finale Awards

The winning teamsĀ  will be rewarded with trophies along with big cash prize.


  • A participation certificate will be awarded to all the participants to acknowledge their efforts & performance.
  • There will be a Winner & Runner-up from both distributorship & workshop.